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The Suidlanders are an emergency plan initiative officially founded in 2006 to prepare a Protestant Christian South African Minority for a coming violent revolution. We are non-aggressive and legal in our preparation. Constituted lawfully under Geneva Convention, with particular reference to Protocols I & II of the Protocols Additional, for the protection of non-combatant civilian Afrikaners (women, children, the elderly and the non-able bodied) in the event of a civil war. 

We are primarily a Bible believing Christian conservative group. We call on our members to personally prepare for an emergency situation like major civil unrest. With the help of thousands of our members we have prepared and identified extraction routes and safe areas where trained and capable members will become self-reliant and proficient to provide assistance and support to the inevitable flow of refugees during crisis. Through experience, especially in Africa, we have learned that we cannot depend on international bodies to assist during a conflict. We intend to, through God’s provision, help ourselves. We also believe in the words of a century old Prophet called Niklaas van Rensburg who clearly warned the Boer of an impending civil conflict. We invite the international community to contact us so that we may work together in preparing to resist a global persecution. Our websites are (in English) and our main website (in Afrikaans).


The Suidlanders are the biggest organisation of this type in South Africa and, possibly, the world. They have a tremendous and unenviable task on their hands, that of trying to protect hundreds of thousands of non-combatant men, women and children in a country presently on the brink of civil war. They are not only preparing themselves to provide protection, assistance and support for people of their own culture (Christian, conservative, Afrikaans speaking South Africans), but also to the millions of other white refugees that will inevitably be at the mercy of the violent mobs. Part of that mammoth task will be the challenge of providing food for such large numbers of people and every little bit is going to help. To provide some of that food, you need the seeds to grow it and this is one of the small ways where we can provide a helping hand.

Orders placed, on this page of our website, for these seed donations will all go directly towards the development of the Suidlanders ‘Emergency Plan’. For more info on the Emergency Plan, or for enquiries on other ways to contribute, you are welcome to contact the Suidlanders directly at 

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We thank you sincerely for your support. God Bless!

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