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Binomial Name: Raphanus

Varieties: Zurich Market White, German Giant, Giant of Sicily, French Breakfast, Japanese Minowase Daikon, Pink Beauty, Purple Plum, Round Black Spanish, White Hailstone

Start: Seed or seedling

Germination: 3 - 4 days, 13°C to 30°C

Seed Life (viability): 4 years

Soil: Well drained

Sunlight: Full sun, part shade

Sow Seeds: 2 - 3cm apart

Transplant/Thin to: 5cm apart

Ave. Days to Harvest: 30 - 60

Good Companions: Beans, beetroot, chard, lettuce, melons, parsley, parsnip, peas, peppers, squashes, spinach, strawberry, corn, tomato

Bad Companions: Potato


Probably the easiest crop to grow and ready to harvest in just 3 to 6 weeks. Make plantings of cool-season radishes every week or two for a continuous harvest until hot weather hits. Don’t forget the winter varieties that produce large autumn-harvested roots.

Sowing & Planting: Grows best in cool (10°C to 18°C), moist weather. Hot weather reduces quality and increases pungency. Late plantings may bolt before edible root forms.

About 3 to 6 weeks before average last frost, direct seed 1cm deep, 2-3cm apart, in rows 30cm apart. Thin to about 5cm spacings. Crowded plants may not produce high-quality roots. Use the thinings in salads. For a continuous harvest, make additional plantings every 1 to 2 weeks until temperatures average in the early 20's. Resume planting when weather cools again in the autumn.

In mild climate regions radishes can be planted throughout the year. Plant most winter varieties so that they mature around the first winter frost date (frost improves flavor and texture of most winter varieties). Larger winter varieties need more space than spring varieties so thin to about 15cm spacings depending on the variety.

Can be sown in the same row with carrots, parsley, parsnips and other slow germinating crops. The radishes help to break soil crust for the weaker and later-germinating crops.

Growing: Keep soil moist for uninterrupted growth and best quality. Adding nitrogen fertilizer or nitrogen rich manure close to planting may produce lush tops and small roots. Because they mature quickly, radishes make a good intercrop along with slower growing crops, such as other cabbage family crops, or tomato- or squash family crops. Or follow radish harvest with summer succession crops such as beans, or autumn-harvested crops.

To help reduce disease, do not plant radishes or other cole crops in the same location more than once every three or four years.

Harvesting: The time from planting to harvest is 20 to 30 days for spring radishes, 50 to 60 days for winter radishes. Simply pull up the whole plant when the radishes are the right size.


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