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Various crops are offered here - all are traditional culinary types from Asia. Bok choy and Tatsoi are turnip relatives grown for their spatulate leaves and succulent petioles (stems) which are often white and very juicy.

Chinese cabbages form tight heads, but are often quite unusual shapes compared to the normal Western ones. As a group, these types tend to be fairly early and tolerant to cooler weather. Pak choy, Tatsoi, and the Chinese cabbages are apt to bolt in frosty weather or summer heat. All are best grown in cooler spring and autumn conditions or, if you have very mild winters, during winter.

Most Asian greens should be sown directly where plants are to grow in the garden. Sow around 5mm deep in moist, rich, well-draining soil. Most types mature in about 45 days; heading varieties require 60-75 days.


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